Hercules Violin-Viola Hanger DSP57SB

Hercules Violin-Viola Hanger DSP57SB

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Ableton Push 2 + Live 10 Suit

Ableton Push 2 + Live 10 Suit

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Adam Audio A5X Active Studio Monitor Pair

Adam Audio A5X Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

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Adam Audio A77X Active Studio Monitor

Adam Audio A77X Active Studio Monitor

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Adam Audio A7X Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

Adam Audio A7X Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

₹ 118,000.00 ₹ 150,000.00


Boss RC-300 Loop Station

With loop mania sweeping the globe, BOSS proudly announces the most powerful Loop Station ever brought to the market — the RC-300. The new flagship looper features three synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume knobs and transport-control footswitches for each track.

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₹ 62,181.00

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    Boss RC-300 Loop Station
    Boss RC-300 Loop Station

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    Boss RC-300 Loop Station
    Boss RC-300 Loop Station

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    It’s also equipped with pro effects, a master Expression pedal, and a deluxe, ultra-wide control panel for the ultimate in live-performance manipulation. Plug in your guitar, bass, keyboard, or instrument of choice and create amazing loops in real time. An XLR input is also provided, complete with phantom power, so singers, percussionists, violinists, beatboxers, or anyone with a mic’d instrument can get in on the act, too. The RC-300 lets you record for up to three hours directly to its internal memory, adding effects as you go. The USB port lets you save your loops externally, as well as import/export WAV files. Step into the most powerful and inspiring Loop Station in BOSS history. It’s the creative powerhouse that musicians have been dreaming of!

    Triple Stereo Loops

    Create, stack, and manipulate multi-layered loops with the RC-300’s three stereo tracks — each track being independently controllable. The “Auto Recording” feature starts recording the moment you begin playing your instrument, or as soon as you start a connected audio player. Count-In mode gives you one-bar of rhythm before recording starts. You can Undo/Redo as you go. The sky’s the limit with three hours of recording time!

    Onboard FX

    Process your tracks and external-input signals with the RC-300’s expressive onboard effects, including Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Modulator, vocal effects, and more. A dedicated LOOP FX footswitch is provided for instant activation of the onboard effects. Control the effects parameters in real time with the Expression pedal for hands-free creativity onstage. You can apply the effects to any single track as well as to the entire mix, expanding your creativity and musical expression.

    USB Connectivity

    Connect the RC-300 to your computer via a standard USB cable, and back up your phrases externally for safekeeping. You can import and export WAV files between your computer and the RC-300; 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files of up to 1.7GB in size can be imported.

    Expanded Pedalboard

    The RC-300’s ultra-wide pedalboard is equipped with an Expression pedal (which can be assigned to a variety of parameters) and enlarged footswitches for controlling REC/PLAY and STOP for each track. There’s also a master ALL START/STOP footswitch onboard. Additionally, three independent faders provide immediate control of each track’s output volume. And if that’s not enough control under your hands and feet, you can also connect external Expression pedals and footswitches (sold separately).

    Rhythm Guide and Preloaded Audio

    To keep your loops tight and in time, you can play along with one of the cool rhythm patterns in the RC-300’s onboard library as you record; the Loop Quantize feature helps you having your recordings looped in time. Dozens of rhythm types are onboard, including rock, pop, shuffle, Latin, and more. 



    • Three stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches and controls for each
    • Dedicated fader per track
    • Expression pedal for effects control in real time
    • Up to three hours of internal recording and 99 onboard memories
    • 16 onboard effects optimized for looping
    • XLR Microphone input with phantom power
    • USB storage; import/export WAV files

    Effect Types: Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Pan, Tremolo, Slicer, Bend, Chorus, Robot, Female, Male, Gt->Bass, Filter, Delay, Lo-Fi, Distortion

    Rhythm Types: 83

    USB Interface

    • Hi-Speed USB (USB Mass Storage Class)
    • Hi-Speed USB (USB-AUDIO)


    • 7 segments, 2 characters (LED)
    • 16 characters, 2 lines (backlit LCD)

    Nominal Input Level

    • INPUT MIC: -50 dBu (variable)
    • INPUT INST: -10 dBu (variable)
    • INPUT AUX: -20 dBu (variable)

    Input Impedance

    • INPUT MIC: 4 k ohms
    • INPUT INST: 1 M ohm
    • INPUT AUX: 47 k ohms

    Nominal Output Level

    • MAIN OUTPUT: -10 dBu
    • SUB OUTPUT: -10 dBu

    Output Impedance: 2 k ohms

    Recommended Load Impedance: 10 k ohms or greater


    • TRACK 1 REC/DUB/PLAY pedal
    • TRACK 2 REC/DUB/PLAY pedal
    • TRACK 3 REC/DUB/PLAY pedal
    • TRACK 1 STOP pedal
    • TRACK 2 STOP pedal
    • TRACK 3 STOP pedal
    • ALL START/STOP pedal
    • LOOP FX pedal
    • EXP 1 pedal


    • TRACK 1 slider
    • TRACK 2 slider
    • TRACK 3 slider


    • MASTER LEVEL knob
    • RHYTHM LEVEL knob
    • AUX knob
    • INST knob
    • MIC knob


    • INPUT MIC jack: XLR type (balanced/phantom power: DC 48 V, 10 mA)
    • INPUT INST jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4" phone type
    • INPUT AUX jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    • MAIN OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4" phone type
    • SUB OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4" phone type
    • PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4" phone type
    • CTL 1,2 / EXP 2 jack: 1/4" TRS phone type
    • CTL 3,4 / EXP 3 jack: 1/4" TRS phone type
    • USB connector
    • MIDI connectors (IN/OUT/THRU) (*)
    • DC IN jack (DC 9 V)
    • (*) MIDI synchronization is possible with other RC-300 devices or when RC-300 is set to master.

    Power Supply: DC 9 V (AC adaptor)

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