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Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone With Analog Compressor

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Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone with headphone output and studio quality compression. Make Recording Magic Happen with HypeMiC.

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    Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone With Analog Compressor
    Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone With Analog Compressor

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    Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone With Analog Compressor
    Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone With Analog Compressor

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    Make Recording Magic Happen with HypeMiC

    Ever wonder how your favorite recordings seem to leap from the speaker, with vocals that magically float above even a dense background track? That’s compression. HypeMiC features studio-quality analog compression that’s easy to use and brings the magic to your vocals, voice-overs, instruments, percussion, and podcasts – anything you record! With HypeMiC and your iPhone or computer, you can make amazing recordings on the go.


    • Studio-quality analog compressor
    • PureDIGITAL connection for pristine sound quality up to 24-bit/96kHz
    • Premium cardioid condenser microphone capsule
    • Headphone output with Blend feature offers zero latency recording
    • Premium accessories kit includes tripod, pop filter and carrying case
    • No configuration required, just plug in and record with any audio app
    • Compatible with iOS, Mac and PC
    • Optimized for GarageBand, Logic, and Core Audio compatible apps on Mac

    Work From Home Essentials

    Apogee USB microphones and audio interfaces deliver ultimate sound quality and ease of use for a variety of Work From Home and Live Streaming applications.

    Are you live streaming a musical performance? Need to deliver professional VO (voice over), ADR or podcast recordings from home? Want to significantly improve the audio quality of your video conferencing or online lessons? Or maybe you just want to be heard loud and clear in a video get-together with friends and family? Apogee has the gear and the expertise to help you work from home and stay connected with everyone.

    Raise Your Voice with HypeMiC?


    HypeMiC’s unique analog compression enhances vocals like no other microphone. The three compression settings available in HypeMiC give you a truly balanced and “mixed” recording, reducing the need for extensive processing and mixing. Capturing your perfect take has never been easier.


    HypeMiC brings a new level of smoothness and warmth to acoustic instrument recording. Varying compression levels allow you to capture the fullest tone of your instrument without compromise. Built for high SPL levels, HypeMiC provides greater clarity and detail when recording loud acoustic instruments from drums to horns to choirs.

    Voice & Streaming

    Podcasts, Voiceovers, Interviews, YouTube performances, Live streaming & Conference calls

    Ideal for live streaming, podcasts and broadcasts, HypeMiC balances audio dynamics for greater clarity resulting in better ‘broadcast ready’ recordings. HypeMiC is compatible with any Mac/PC and iOS app that allows you to select an audio device so you’re never without a pro studio when you are on the go.

    Speciality Recording

    HypeMiC analog output

    HypeMiC is an awesome way to introduce new sounds into your recordings and mixes. You can send audio out of the HypeMiC stereo output into a mixer, audio interface and stand-alone recorder to capture the unique and bold sound of HypeMiC’s compression settings.

    Compression Settings

    Shape it (low)

    The minimal amount of compression, great for shaping the vocals and instruments in your music recordings

    Squeeze it (medium)

    Great for podcasts, interviews and streaming when you want to squeeze a little more pop out of your voice

    Smash it (high)

    Great for voice recording when you really want to smash it for that big broadcast sound

    Try all settings with any source and adjust to your taste. Set your level before you select your compression setting and remember that compression will accentuate any noise that’s around you while you are recording.

    Premium Accessories

    • Input Type: Micro USB
    • Connections: Lightning, USB (Type-C), USB (Type-A)
    • Length: 4.88” (124 mm)
    • Width: 1.5” (38 mm)
    • Depth: 1.5” (38 mm)
    • Weight: 0.45 lbs (0.20 kg)

    Cardiod Polar Pattern

    A cardiod pattern is directional and only captures sound from the front of the microphone which is ideal for voice and acoustic instruments

    A/D Conversion and Mic Preamp

    Max SPL: 130dB (1% THD at 1kHz)
    Sensitivity: -36 dBfs (94 dB SPL. 1 kHz)
    Noise level: -108dBfs (A) at 0 dB gain
    Max gain of preamp: 46 dB

    System Requirements

    Mac OS 10.9 or later

    Computer: Mac, with an Intel processorMemory: 2 GB of RAM minimum
    Connection/power: USB port on computer

    Windows 10

    Computer: Windows PC with Intel/AMD x86-64 processor
    Memory: 4 GB of RAM minimum
    Connection/power: USB port on computer

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